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Design, Prototyping , Simulation and development

We accompany our customers in steering their big projects. We work in the development of high technology products and transformation projects.

Our consultants assist project managers in project management and decision support.

○ 3D/2D Desing : Our expertise in design and simulation softwares (Catia, Solidworks, Abaqus ...), and our highly qualified engineering team support you throughout the life of the project by offering you 3D / 2D design and simulations to assist you in your most complex technical specifications.

○ Simulation : To better optimize our manufacturing processes, injection simulations is used in order to observe all the constraints that can affect quality of our products, and to provide efficient solutions.
○ Prototyping : At GECAM we believe prototyping is an essential part of the design process. By combining our design and manufacturing capabilities with latest technology, we provide a highly effective and rapid prototyping service to suit a variety of needs. Prototyping enables you to eliminate potential risks whilst speeding up the entire manufacturing and implementation process

Injection Molding

With its long experience, GECAM manufactures all injection molded parts, in small, large and very large series.

Rubber mixtures used for injection meet customer specifications in terms of materials, certifications, hardness, elongation, breaking strength, abrasion resistance, temperature resistance, color ...

Processed materials: all types of elastomers - Natural Rubber, EPDM, Polychloroprene, Nitrile, SBR, FKM, Silicone ...

The metal insertion in some parts is performed during the injection process. GECAM manufactures, for example, Silentblocks with cylindrical metal parts, Metallic washers embedded and adhered in an elastomer part. The two elements (metal-rubber) remain attached..

Production of compression molded parts

  • Horizontal injection presses

    ○ Closing force: 300 tons
    ○ Trays 550 × 550
    ○ Injected volume: up to 5 liters in FIFO
    ○ With automatic demolding device, for automatic process

  • Vertical injection presses

    ○ Closing force: 150 to 500 tons
    ○ Trays 500 x500 up to 800 x 650
    ○ Injected volume: up to 4 liters in FIFO
    ○ Management by PLC

An injection press is dedicated to color blends. The parts are deburred manually or by cryogenics with nitrogen and redirected to a unitary control.

Compression Molding

Material transformer, GECAM molds rubber by compression: all elastomers, silicones and polyurethane. The pieces are made in small, large and very large series.

The detailed and attentive study of your specifications and our know-how makes it possible to answer precisely the level of materials, hardnesses, colors, mechanical and physicochemical properties.

GECAM remains permanently at your disposal to recommend the appropriate mix for the realization of your projects.

Production of compression molded parts

  • Presses compression

    ○ Closing force: from 200 tons to 400 tons
    ○ Fixed and outgoing trays, from 500 × 500 to 850 × 750
    ○ Presses equipped with vacuum bell and demolding device
    ○ Management by PLC

Some parts are molded with a metal insert, such as, rubber studs overmolded on steel plate, aluminum, stainless steel ... Parts are deburred manually or cryogenically with nitrogen and redirected to a unitary control.

Rubber Cutting

GECAM cuts pieces of all shapes, in a very wide range of materials, and a few millimeters in diameter (washers) up to dimensions of 3 meters x 1.5 meters (seal).

The materials and materials, of all hardness, used in cutting, are:

All compact and cellular rubber (foam), silicone, plastics and thermoplastic, fluted carpet, fine striated carpet, carpet pads, carpet checker ...

  • GECAM cuts these materials on

    ○ Automatic presses
    ○ Numerically controlled presses
    ○ Flashcut
    ○ Hand presses

Rubber Mix

Gecam has two internal mixing cylinders which allows us to formulate and produce elastomer that can meet the specific needs of our customers (elongation, hardness, breaking strength ...)


GECAM provides its customers with an assembly service, shaping and integration.

This service makes it possible to produce joints - profiled or strips - in one piece, which ensure the watertightness of tailgates, windshields, cabins, chests and other equipment.

GECAM glues rubber profiles or strips to corners, on models or planes, and delivers closed joints.

The assembly also relates to the pads, for example anti vibration.

GECAM assembles the various elements - rubber or Sylomer pads - with steel plates, stainless steel - and delivers a complete product type "sandwich", screwed and painted according to the specifications.

Piercing and assembly on plateaux of bumpers and platform defenses are carried out in GECAM workshops.

GECAM delivers finished products by assembling and integrating the different elements (screws, housings, gasket ...)


We operate robust validating and testing systems to ensure the properties and parameters of components meet the necessary specifications. Our in-house engineers have developed a vast number of testing facilities to validate the fit, form and functionality of our designs.

We can carry out a series of tests to ensure your component it fit for purpose and meets all relevant regulatory, commercial and quality standards. Our testing facilities include but are not limited to:
○ Water tightness
○ Assembly and disassembly forces

○ Dimensional control
○ Static tests
○ Dynamic tests
○ Ageing tests
○ Chemical tests
○ Cold impacts
○ Sealing tests

If you wish to develop a specific test for your application, we can design and manufacture the required testing equipment to suit your needs.


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