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Experience since 1984

It all began in 1984 when LAAFOU brothers decided to create their own company after working more than 40 years in formulation of rubber components.
The inculcation of rubber culture allowed them to set up the foundation of GECAM, which is nowadays one of the main company specialized in polymers processing in Morocco.

Our Mission

Provide the highest-quality polymer products, and maintain long-term relationships with our customers.

Our History


Created by the LAAFOU brothers, we started to supply high quality rubber and plastic components to different sectors of activity.

Automotive industry,2004

Great improvement of our production equipment and conquest of new market in the automotive industry.

Design,simulation and prototyping,2014

This new activity has allowed us to meet the most specific needs of our customers.

Meet our Staff

We are glad to define ourselves as one of socially responsible companies. At GECAM, we understand we’re a part of our community and do everything to support it.

Top Management